Chewton’s Ugly Man Competition

saddleworth Rushcartphoto © 2009 Tim Simpson | more info (via: Wylio)The opening of the second Chewton Ugly Man competition took place at the Red Hill Hotel, Chewton on Saturday 29 May, 2010. Twenty contestants lined up for selection in a competition which challenged each endorsed candidate to raise funds for the Save the Chewton Pool campaign.

In line with all such competitions, our ugly men demonstrated their talents and physical prowess before our mystery judge, former resident of Chewton and Les Girls entertainer, Stan Munro.

Why is Chewton village so keen on ugly men? Well, this is a reprise of the first 1944-45 Chewton Ugly Man competition, which raised much-needed funds to build the Chewton swimming pool, now under threat of closure to make way for a 25 metre heated pool in Castlemaine.

The people of Chewton and surrounds want to restore their own outdoor pool for summer swimming for young people and learn to swim for children at the local school.

The three finalists in the original Chewton Ugly Man competition were Bill Benbow, Sid Binns and Jack Cracknell.  They each ran their own fundraising activities and gathered a loyal following of local supporters before the final crowning of Jack Cracknell as the Ugly Man in 1945.

One such event was a concert in the Castlemaine Town Hall in March 1944 with Tivoli dancers performing.  Another was a sugar fondant man’s head in the pastry chef’s shop based on the favoured contender, which people could bid for. Remember, this was during WWII when sugar was a real treat! Concerts, sporting events and many other activities brought this community together to build the swimming pool.

We think our 2010 Chewton men have the wherewithal to follow in the footsteps of these men. They demonstrate raw talent at attracting supporters, exploiting their natural assets and cunning to part the punters from their hard earned!

Some have very ugly football opinions, some have very ugly manners and some have mothers who must love them!

Luth Howell, the November pin up in our Ugly Man Calendar, is currently in the lead in our competition.

The home of democracy in Australia, the community of Chewton is renowned for fighting to protect community assets. We are now actively working to ensure its children have healthy, active summers using our safe local swimming pool and families will continue to have this great outdoor space to meet. Our ugly men are a vital part of that effort!


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