From the recent sad destruction by fire of the Chewton General Store and Carlo’s garage has emerged a silver lining – well, a galvanised iron lining!  From these ashes have arisen the rustic creations of Deslaine Metal Art.

Iron and tin collected from this site, and other recycled metal from our mining past, inspire Deslaine’s indoor and outdoor works.  The concept is one of sustaining the history of the area and recycling old metal materials.

Elaine Appleton (Jury), a fifth generation local and historian, designs the Phoenix Flowers, which range from fridge magnets to large outdoor pieces.

One of the works will be available at our Monster More Than Art Auction in November.  So come along and find an affordable part of Chewton’s history to enhance your home and garden.


One response to “Cameo #1 – PHOENIX FLOWERS

  1. Saw Elaine with some of these lovely things in the post office today – I know which one I’m bidding on!!

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