Cameo #4 – Katharina Rapp

Having grown up in the south of Germany and travelled widely, Katharina Rapp has a vast range of experiences with people and places.  Katharina moved to Australia with her husband and three children in 1982, eventually settling in Castlemaine during the late ’80s.   She then completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts and, with a change of circumstances, began painting in earnest.  Her work became sought after very quickly and led to her setting up her own gallery and studio in Castlemaine.

Katharina knows that it takes greater strength to make light of, rather than to point out, what is wrong with the world.  Her style is unquestionably anchored in German Expressionism, however, she manages to use distortion or exaggeration of the human form, and her innate use of colour, to create a feeling of warmth and happiness.

It is this quality which has made Katharina’s paintings popular. She is a specialist in painting ‘the better moments in a woman’s life’. Her frothy and life-affirming images have been used on wine and champagne labels. They have also been discovered and used by the mental health profession for the healing effect that her images can have, particularly on women with depression.  So you could argue that to own a Rapp painting is like hanging medicine on your wall.

Katharina is donating two signed prints to the art auction.  To see more of her work go to


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