Chewton Pool Art Competition – UPDATE! Extended until 18 November 2011

UPDATE!! Entries will now be accepted until 18th November 2011. Another week to perfect your masterpiece…

Chewton Pool Inc is offering primary school students in the district an opportunity to design a pool floor picture for the wader pool at Chewton Swimming Pool.

Contestants need to be enrolled at a primary school in the district, and the prize for the winning entry is a Chewton Pool Season Family Ticket valued at $120.

The dimensions of the wader pool are approx. 4 x 8, and designs need to be no larger than an A3 sheet, and be in colour. The selected design will be scaled up and painted on the pool floor by a professional painter.

Closing date: All pictures to arrive by Friday 11 18 November, 2011. Send to Chewton Pool Inc, PO Box 24, Chewton 3451

Resources for Teachers

Below is a range of resources to download to assist you. We have attached a brief lesson plan for your use and a list of imagery

ideas. We are really excited about connecting with local primary school children for this project and hope you are able to get some classes involved.



Lesson Plan_ArtComp

ArtPics Shells etc

Gumleaves pics



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