Cameo # 6 – Jacqui Mott

Jacqui Mott is an award-winning photographer, picture editor and journalist with 30 years experience, and has worked for publishing greats such as the New York Times, London’s Sunday Telegraph and Rolling Stone New York.  She is now founder and publisher of ‘Slow’ Magazine based in Castlemaine.

Jacqui grew up in Brisbane and attended the Qld College of Art, studying Applied Art with a major in Photography.  ‘This study gave me a background in graphic design, (and) an appreciation of the visual media.’  Jacqui built her career in the photographic industry, initially as a photographer’s assistant. She headed for Sydney, and after working on a book project called ‘A day in the life of Australia’, took up a job offer in London.  After her return from England she landed a position with a world renowned stock-photo library in Melbourne.  By ten years later she had formed her own photo and film research company in Melbourne which boomed through the recession years.  After a decade of full-on work, she sold the business and made a tree-change by moving with her new family up to the Goldfields area.

Jacqui worked for local papers such as the Midland Express, Castlemaine Mail, Bendigo Advertiser and other publications, before starting the now very successful ‘Slow’ magazine in 2009.

Jacqui has donated one of her photographs for the Art Auction.


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