Cameo #15 – Meagan Gardiner

Meagan Gardiner is a West Australian artist born in Kellerberrin in 1966. She and her two sisters enjoyed a happy childhood growing up on their parents’ farm. In many senses you could say that Meagan’s work is a reflection of the way her father taught her to observe the natural world in which she and her family lived…“Dad seems to have an innate ability to make keen observations about nature and he loves sharing his discoveries with you. He notices everything, from one curled up gum leaf on a whole tree, to shells the size of poppy seeds”.

Meagan completed year 12 at St. Hilda’s Anglican Girls School, then studied ceramics and metal smithing at Curtin University where she completed a B.A (Crafts). After starting a Diploma in Education, working for a jeweller and living in the U.K., Meagan came home to complete her teaching degree. In 1991 she lectured metal smithing at Kalgoorlie College and ended up relief teaching on days off at the local high school. For the following 5 years Meagan taught for the Education Department. It was somewhere during this time that her business had its humble beginnings.

Cards With A View specialises in the production of handmade miniature shadow boxes (not cards)!  The three dimensional pictures come in a range of vibrant colours and contain found objects, from sea shells, wildflowers, farm seeds to gold nuggets, opals and pearls.  There is also a range of pieces that contain watch parts and computer parts.

More recently the business has developed a ‘Trigger Box’ service.  These are large boxes that contain personal memorabilia that has been collected by the client. The beauty of the gift is that it contains a range of objects that reflect the life and interests of that person.

Again, these are samples of Meagan’s work and more can be viewed on her website:


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