Cameo #19 – Fred Cress

Fred Cress (1938-2009) is a well recognised artist who had over 60 one-person exhibitions and 90 group exhibitions, and is represented in all Australian national, state and regional galleries, and in private collections around the world.

After being born in India and educated in England Cress moved to Australia in 1962. He was soon recognised as a major artist working in figurative and then abstract work. Cress returned to figurative work and, with a portrait of artist John Beard, won the Archibald Price in 1988.

In more recent years his work had been an expressionistic realism, which covered the full scope of the human condition.  Whether it be in oils, drawing, pastel or print, Cress’ work had a dynamism all its own.

The painting to be included in the Art Auction is an abstract print and has been graciously donated by Beverley Porter.

The images seen here are from the website run by the Fred Cress Art Trust. The photo of Fred Cress is by Gavin Fry.


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