Cameo #20 _ Michael Wolfe

Michael Wolfe is an artist, designer and picture framer with a great many enthusiasms who has spent the last year recording the reawakening of the rivers, lakes and waterfalls of Central Victoria.  His photographs reflect a vision of the pastoral romanticism of the nineteeth century brought to the stark beauty of the local landscape.

Michael also enjoys painting and has been doing it fairly seriously for 25 years, and describes himself as a Cancerian who likes pizza and beer.  His interests lie in finding a language or personal aesthetic with which to express the abstract experience of the Australian landscape rather than exploring the psychological relationship between man and nature. 

The following quotes relate to Michael’s feelings about his artwork:

    “I saw in this image of the land below me an undreamed-of freedom from formal arrangement.  I was thrilled.  My country!  My own country.  Unknown to me.  Its history mysterious, inscribed in the hieroglyphics and elaborate arabesques of its unrecognised landforms, waiting to be deciphered.  As we shuddered and bumped our way across the uneven sky my inner voice announced to me, No one has painted this.  It was a thought that carried for me the force of revelation.  No one has painted it.  It is uncelebrated.  Untouched by my culture.  And (what is more) it is undreamed in the dreams of Europe.”   Alex Miller, Autumn Laing

And, as David Walsh of MONA memorably remarked, “I’ve never liked a work of art more after hearing an artist talk about it.”

Michael runs Union Studio & Gallery, 47 Mostyn St, Castlemaine (via Union St). His web address is:


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