Cameo #24 – David Va

David Va is an artist, councellor, masseur facilitator and a volunteer.  As a counsellor David aims to listen with his heart, not the ego or intellect and offers people clarity, understanding and compassion.  As a masseur David believes that the “laying on of hands” is a stress releasing tool that brings back into balance the physical body on all levels of being.  As a facilitator he sees people embracing their own healing process by just being aware that they can.  As a volunteer “David is very generous and highly creative.  His feelings for other people’s needs are finely developed and he has a great sense of fun.”  (Pauline – Counsellor/Volunteer, Sacred Heart Mission, St.Kilda).

David’s artwork has been described as colourful, vibrant, energetic, confronting, simple, to name just a few! David explains his art as a process of colour and vibration, and not as an intellectual pursuit.  “I allow the process of colour, form, vibration and movement to come forth as I focus intuitively on all aspects of creation, be it past, future or the now”.


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