Cameo #25 – Rex Watts

Rex Watts has had a long and varied career in the music and film industries.  He worked as a sound man with Crawford Productions and worked freelance in the film industry for over 30 years, receiving six AFI nominations and two awards for his efforts.

Rex’s musical career has covered 20 years of country music with regular performances at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, although he doesn’t see himself restricted to any one genre.  He is also a prolific song writer and has now set up ‘Rocket Studios’ for sound recording and production, aiming to assist local artists create their own albums.

Rex is contributing two artworks to the Chewton Pool Auction that he has created from a long term collection of things found in his travels.  He says of these…

“Been f&#*ng around with found objects / junk / tip salvage etc. since the late 90’s.  Rare opportunities to find time to make shit lately so these are some of the last pieces I’ll probably make for a while.  Maybe I’ll never make any again, but then again maybe I will.  I’ve still got a yard full of JUNK!!”

Rex can often be found performing musically at the Red Hill Hotel, Chewton.


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