Cameo #27 – Frank Malerba

Frank Malerba is an Australian based artist who is part of a new wave of Pop-Realism and whose work is recognised internationally. Described as Pop-Erotica, his sexy urban art has attracted a new generation of art collectors.

Malerba has a vigorous and unique drawing style. He uses sensual flowing lines to depict the female form, combined with text to create dynamic, figurative paintings, sculptures and photography.  Recognizable at a glance, his bold modern imagery of women beautifully captures the many fleeting moods of his models.

Forthright and expressive, his portrayal of women can only be described as sensual.  Using text as design and sensuous imagery together, Malerba sees his urban style as a snapshot of today’s women, on the edge of today’s culture.

Frank’s distinctive style has been commissioned and used for corporate logos, publications, business cards and wine labels. His work is featured in many private collections in Australia, Italy, Hong Kong, Tokyoand the UK.

These works and many more can be seen at his website:


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