Cameo #30 – Katherine Seppings

Katherine Seppings is a local and international artist, writer and photographer who came to live in Chewton in 1983.  A member of the National Trust Photographic Committee, Katherine was attracted to the Goldfields for visual and historical interests.  For many years Katherine travelled through Australia, Asia, Europe and the Americas, living and working in Londonand New York.  Publications include Women of the Hills, The Complete Australian Bushfire Book, Fireplaces for a Beautiful Home, and The Heart of Victoria.  Exhibitions include Characters of Castlemaine,Nepal, Back Streets of the World, New York Graffiti, Castlemaine at the Crossroads, andFrance.

Katherine studied at theUniversityofLondon- Communication, Philosophy, Psychology, and inMelbourneatPhotographyStudiesCollegeand Melbourne College of Printing and Graphic Arts.

“Wherever I travel, I walk the streets to observe ordinary life, to learn about people and the culture of the place. I take in life through all my senses…

“the feel of the day on my skin, the smell of food, the sound of language and music, the details of texture and colour, of shape and form, of the way people move in and out of a particular space; how life is made up of work, rest and play, and of requiring food, conversation and also dance.”


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