Born & raised in Wyoming USA, becoming an Australian citizen, Richard and his wife Karen, settled in Chewton, relishing the historic surrounds, and creative atmosphere of this area.

In 2005 an old poplar tree had fallen in his yard and Richard dragged this into his shed and carved out a 7’ totem pole, igniting a passion to create. What began as a hobby, with no formal training, is now a career of bringing wood to life. Richard sources timber that has fallen locally, with cyprus, cedar and oak being favourites due to the beautiful grain and sheer size that is required for the larger sculptures. He has carved many pieces for commission and has become very proficient at his art. and plans to open his own gallery in 2012.

The Pelican and The Cricketer (below) are each carved from one piece of wood. The Cricketer was based on Cricket Willow near Hepburn and stands 180cm high. The “metal wall light featuring a moose” is cut from steel sheet.

The work he has donated for Auction is “Running with the Moon” and is made from reclaimed galvanised iron 1.8 metres long and 0.8 metres high.


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