Candidates nail their colours to the mast

The Chewton Pool committee has written to local government candidates standing in Mt Alexander’s Coliban and Calder wards seeking their support if elected for the following:

  • Increased operational funding to Chewton by $15,000 to $40,000 p.a. This was the amount being paid previously to the YMCA. Newstead and Harcourt cost $50k to operate, not including capital works. We would like to be able to save donated funds for improvements rather than operations.
  • We have current plans to locate two water tanks on Council managed land adjoining the pool where the Soccer Club located tanks. We have written to Council and have no response to date. We do not want to waste water so this is important. We would like to apply for grants for tanks but need approval to site them.
  • We would like support when our management period with DSE expires in 2015 to continue as management committee. The model is working well to date.
  • We would like Council support for our proposal to build a new kiosk and meeting/training space so we can convert the current kiosk into a first aid room. We don’t expect funds from Council but all DPCD grants must come through Council, so we seek your support for these applications.

So far, Hans Paas, Tim Barber, Irene Yermans, Bill Bayliss and Christine Henderson have pledged or reiterated their previous support for the Chewton Pool. If the other candidates respond we’ll update this post.


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