Cameo – Howard Sparks

Howard Sparks’ artworks have been influenced at various times by the works of Van Gogh, Gauguin, Bonnard, Delveaux, Max Ernst, Miro and Klee.  He uses the different styles of painting to achieve a desired end result that might capture a certain mood or quality and draws from realism and expressionism among others to achieve his goal.

His works, which are usually either figurative or landscapes, have been described as having “a rather dreamlike quality” and of being “mysterious”.

Howard has had a long and active period of painting and has featured in over 21 one-man exhibitions in galleries in Melbourne and Queensland as well as participating in group exhibitions with the Anvil group of painters, one in particular at the Sydney Opera House.  Howard is represented in permanent collections in Australia, Japan, the Netherlands and the USA.

Howard’s work can be
seen on his website:

This work in the Auction
is titled
Bushland near Yapeen


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