This Cameo focuses on the work rather than the Artist.  The Inuksuk in the Auction was made by Prestige Glass International in Canada, and donated to the Auction by our strong supporter, Joan Taylor.

INUKSUK is a stone landmark or cairn built by the Inuit, Inupiat, Kalaallit, Yupik, and other native peoples of the Arctic region of North America. These structures are found from Alaska to Greenland in the region, above the Arctic Circle, dominated by the tundra biome, which has areas with few natural landmarks.

The inuksuk may have been used for navigation, as a point of reference, a marker for travel routes, fishing places, camps, hunting grounds, places of veneration, drift fences used in hunting, or as a food cache.

Historically, the most common type of inuksuk is a single stone positioned in an upright manner. There is some debate as to whether the appearance of human- or cross-shaped cairns developed in the Inuit culture before the arrival of European missionaries and explorers.  The size of some innaguait suggest that the construction was often a communal effort.

This modern sculpture of an Inuksuk  is 7 inches high in frosted jade glass.


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