Cameo – Graeme Galloway

Graeme Galloway is a very well known Victorian artist  with a broad range of subject matter including landscapes, portraits and seascapes.   Happily for Chewton he has recently opened a gallery here at the former Antiques and Stables B&B on Main Road.

Graeme’s plein-air landscapes cover many locations across Australia. Over the past 24 months Graeme has painted in the outback near Alice Springs, on the Darling River in New South Wales and has spent countless hours at the You Yangs, Lal Lal and Lerderderg Gorge.

Graeme describes his inspiration in this way:
“At home I have a picture of Arthur Streeton on the shores of Sydney Harbour taken around 1890.  Before him, a piece of driftwood supporting a small cigar box panel on a boulder.  He is squatting, painting. The simplicity of the scene has stayed with me.  Painting on the spot, out doors (plein-air) is a very fine form of active meditation.
I like my finished work to look like the subject and to look like a painting – I like to see the marks that go to make up the image.”

Graeme has had some very interesting commissions, including paintings for film sets, so it is not unusual for him to paint a quirky version of a master for a movie.  He has recently been providing the artwork for the television series ‘Rake’.

Graeme’s website showcases the full breadth of Graeme’s commercial and fine art work over the last few years.  However, many of the works shown are in private collections and are not for sale.  Go to


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