Cameo – Julienne Beasley

Julienne has long had a passion for art but it was only when she inadvertently attended watercolour classes with her close friend that she began to realize her dream of creating with form and colour. Classes consisted of much hilarity with some disastrous results but eventually she began to understand how to handle the medium. Enjoyment continues to be high on the list of essential criteria for a successful work. Julienne is often astonished by a simple line or shape that catches her eye. Colour mixing intrigues her and she takes pleasure in having a messy palette that produces original hues of amazing clarity. Progression in her art is important to Julienne and she will eagerly attempt new ideas and techniques – which occasionally work. She has a love of animals which is reflected in much of her art and is a fan of a bit of quirk.

“I moved to Maldon in 2010, have fallen completely in love with this area and am constantly delighted by the people I meet.

My work is mainly in watercolour with occasional forays into pen and ink.

I have exhibited at Dig Café, Newstead and have exhibitions lined up for later this year and in 2013 at Malmsbury, Woodend and in my own studio, Spring Street Studio, during the Castlemaine State Festival. I have also participated in both Winter and Summer Spirit exhibitions held in the Castlemaine Market building.”

Julienne’s work is available through Tin Shed Arts, Malmsbury; Plains Design, Echuca; 50K Local, Maldon and The Gathering, Newstead.

You can view her work at:


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