Golden Square Pool needs you for just 5 minutes

Our “Save Golden Square Pool” cousins have their backs against the wall. The matter is up before the Bendigo Council again next week and they need all the help they can get. If you can spare just 5 minutes by helping out with some emails or telephone calls please email as soon as possible.

The Council meeting is at 6pm next Wednesday (6 March). It will hear a motion for Council to continue discussions with the Save The Golden Square Pool Group. The group will meet outside with banners at 5.30pm and will follow the Councillors into the meeting. It would be great if some of us from the Chewton Pool community could join them on the night to support their cause.

Even if you can’t help with emails, phone calls or attendance on the night, you can help by signing their petition

If you haven’t already done so, read what others have written under “Reasons for signing” their petition. It reminds us why it was it worth all the effort to save our pool from a similar fate.


Chewton Pool Committee


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