New Chewton Pool Inc Management Committee for 2013-14

The Chewton Pool Inc AGM was held on 11 August. The new President is Fritz Hammerley; the new Secretary is Damian Mason; the continuing Treasurer is Bronwyn Dawson. The former President, Helen McGeachin made the following speech at the AGM and as an indication of how appreciative the Committee is for the work of staff and volunteers, we thought it was a good idea to share it with all our website followers.

Soon training and working bees will begin to prepare for the upcoming swim season… now there is a hint of Spring in the air.

President’s Report 2013

I am delighted to once again present the Chewton Pool Inc President’s report for the past year as our facility continues to grow in popularity and support.

The 2012/3 season was the most successful so far with swimmer numbers reaching new peaks and with so many new families moving into Chewton the pool proved to be a hub of social activity.

Whilst many improvements have been made over the past twelve months the committee is looking to the future of the pool and has many exciting plans in place to further develop and enhance the facility.  In the long term we are hoping for support and funding for a new amenities block but in the short term a family seating project is the focus with the first stage just started with the removal of the large conifer outside the kiosk.   A presentation has been made to Council regarding further funding and support and and we are hopeful that our deputation has made a mark in this regard.

Of course the pool doesn’t run itself and there many individuals, organisations and businesses to thank for their support.  Firstly our hardworking committee.  Work for the pool doesn’t stop during the off season and the committee have been busy this year with a number of fundraising events and planning to ensure the ongoing future of the pool.   Thanks to all of them for their efforts past and present.

Thanks also to the many kiosk volunteers who are kept busy during the pool season.  It’s great to see so many new and not so new faces at the kiosk windows and Dot our kiosk manager continues to do a great job.   Facilities volunteers have been active making sure the grounds are up to scratch and as over the past number of years, a special thanks to James Darling for giving us the cleanest and brightest pool in the district with his perfectionist approach to water quality.  Thanks too to Sarah Myles our pool co-ordinator for taking the burden of the bureaucratic details off the committee and volunteers – a great job is being done by her.

Finally I would like to pay tribute to a couple of hard working committee members who have stepped down from their positions this year.  Firstly to Rose Darling who is passing on the Secretary’s baton – a job that we all know is very time consuming and which she has not only performed with zeal and great efficiency, but she has also brought a great sense of community to the organisation – there is no doubt we would not be where we are today without Rose sharing her enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise with us.  Thank you Rose from all of us.

And secondly I would like to acknowledge the work of Malcolm Archer who sadly passed away late last year.  He is greatly missed on our committee and we are still working on bringing some of his ideas to fruition.

In closing I would like to once again pay tribute to all those hard working volunteers who have made the first two seasons under this committee such a success.  I would like to welcome the new members who have been elected here today, thank those departing committee members for their contribution and look forward to the challenges that the coming year ahead will no doubt bring.


One response to “New Chewton Pool Inc Management Committee for 2013-14

  1. As a past Committee member I congratulate you all for what is very evident a job well done. I wish Fritz and his Committee every success for the coming season. May I make special mention to Rose and Helen for their dedication to the pool wishing them well for what ever the future may hold. Regards to all Bruce Newman.

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