Tranquillo Garden

Tranq_0001The owner of this delightful garden bought the property on the banks of
Forest Creek about 33 years ago.  After many years of hard work and determination it was open to the public for the Festival of Gardens Castlemaine in 2000.  Since then, due to drought and subsequent floods, she has re-designed it as a waterwise garden and it is now open for the public to enjoy for the first time since this change.

She has kindly agreed to donate all the takings to the Chewton Swimming Pool which allowed her to teach swimming there for many years.  A belief in the importance of children learning to swim is close to her heart.

“Tranquillo”,  located at 23 Britton Street,  Castlemaine, will be open for you to visit on Sunday Nov 3rd,  Monday Nov 4th and Tues Nov 5th from 10.00am to 4.00pm.  Admission will be $3.00 – children under 14 free.  (No dogs please) Plants, seeds, cakes and soft drinks will be on sale.

Should you want to know more please call Jenny on 0429 382 312.

Hoping to see you there.


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