Workplace Health and Safety Training course

Health & SafetyLast chance for WHS training

The last Workplace Health and Safety Training course is pending in October.  All volunteers and staff (both new and old) now need to do this course to keep our pool safe for all users – including workers – and for you it is FREE.

The course is divided into two classes on different days:
Thursday  9 October – 3 hours of theory at Chewton Primary School, and
Saturday  11 October,  OR
Saturday  18 October –  3 hours of practical class, 9am-noon at Chewton Pool

The theory class examines risks and hazards directly relevant to Chewton Pool, then the practical class takes participants through practical scenarios that a pool worker or volunteer may encounter.

The course is nationally recognised and open to all new and continuing volunteers, and the cost is being covered by Chewton Pool Inc.

Experienced Bendigo trainer Geoff Young from On Track Training has already delivered two informative, enjoyable theory classes to 17 Chewton Pool volunteers, lifeguards, and staff in September.  Everyone is gaining  a good deal of important knowledge from this short course about the unique risks we all should know as staff, volunteers or lifeguards working in a public pool environment.

Contact Dash via email at or ph: 0498 637 534 to get involved.


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