“Make a Splash” Campaign

OscarThe Committee at Chewton Swimming Pool has launched a Pozible campaign to raise funds to help restore our baby pool at the pool.  It is not widely known but below the platform at the northern end of the main Chewton pool is an actual baby pool.  This has been covered over for some years.

In recent times there has been an amazing explosion of young families with babies moving into the area, and the Chewton Pool Committee thinks it is time to recommission this third pool.  We are seeking grants from various sources to help towards this project and our very active Fundraising committee is working on some interesting fundraising events.  They believe a wider range of people, both local and further afield, might like to feel involved and help contribute to restore the baby pool.

They have instigated a Pozible campaign to reach as far afield as ‘pozible’, and   have set themselves a time target of two months of which only 35 days left for pledges to be made.  We are hoping our supporters, both local and far away, would like to contribute.

Please help us in reaching our target.  To pledge a donation please go to  http://pozible.com/makealittlespash  to contribute.  Your pledged donation is returned to you if we do not make our target.


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