How To Help

Having taken over the management of Chewton Pool, the Committee wants to upgrade and improve a number of aspects to the pool.

Here are some easy things you can do to help us:


Repairs to the pool:  a recurring cost.  Each new season the pool requires re-painting, replacement of damaged equipment etc.

Upgrades planned:  The committee would like to invest in a pool cover, construct a new entry/kiosk, and convert an existing structure into a first aid room and office.

Our fundraising committee works hard to raise extra funds, and we have managed to get an increase in Mt.Alexander Shire Council funding, but every little bit counts.
Also, all donations over $2.50 are tax deductible.
Take that, taxman!

Attend events

You can support Chewton’s pool and have a good time too.  From rockin’ gigs to art auctions and comedy, we’re determined to be entertained and fundraise at the same time.  See here for upcoming events, and recent shindigs. Put it in your diary. Don’t pike. Get out and meet the good folk of Chewton and surrounding towns.

Buy Stuff from us

Season Tickets – a very economical way to enjoy the pool facilities.

Chewton Pool 2013 Calendar – this pictorial history of the saving of Chewton Pool is full of amazing and memorable photographs.  Email to acquire a copy.

Join Us

We’re looking for members to join Chewton Pool Inc. If you have skills we can use, a willingness to volunteer your time, or even just want to give us a warm fuzzy feeling by being on the books, we’d welcome you.

You can become a non-financial member of Chewton Pool Inc.  This will allow the possibility of gaining Funding Grants that rely on a large membership base.



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