Buy Season Ticket

The easiest way to show your support for Chewton Pool is to buy a season ticket for summer 2015 – 2016.  Funds raised from ticket sales will be used directly to run the pool season.  Your money at work!  These can be bought from the pool office on entry to the pool, or by emailing us to request a season ticket. You can pay by EFT.

The fee schedule is below.

Season tickets

$45 single  /  $125 family     Concession for volunteers.

Daily tickets

Adults                         $4 per visit
Children                     $3 per visit
Concession                $3 per visit
Spectator                   free entry

Day Family Pass       $12

Golden Girls and Nuggets
Adult                          $3
Concessions              $2
Season Ticket holders – Free entry

Opening hours are here.

Special Events

Group booking        $75   plus  $22 insurance

Group bookings can be made by contacting Jasmine Samson  on 0417 018 417 or emailing


2 responses to “Buy Season Ticket

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  2. I’m heading to Caslemaine on the weekend and would love to stop and have a swim at the Chewton pool. I can’t find the end of season date on any websites. Maybe I didn’t look hard enough. I’m thinking I might just have missed open season, now that it’s the end of March. No big deal- I’ll try phoning the pool. Love the idea that the community has succeeded in retaining their pool- such an important public asset.

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