December 6 2011 – Maree Edwards (MP) made a speech where the efforts of Chewton to save their pool were eloquently praised. Extract from Hansard below.

Hansard 6 Dec 2011

Rose Darling submitted a great article to the October 2010 Chewton Chat
A couple of quotes from her article are worth repeating here:-

It is so important that small townships don’t feel overwhelmed by the bigger centres. It is vital that we nurture our sense of community and place, because this is what we enjoy so much about Chewton.”

“…reflecting on the past six months, I recall ‘Sam’ Samson’s first statement as he gathered people who would lead the campaign. ‘If we  lose the pool, next will be the school.’  That galvanised families to join our first Chewton Splash rally on 27th March, where 80 locals attended. … over 800 signatures were gathered on a petition to Council in 10 days. Banners blossomed on fences throughout the village. Bumper stickers carried pointed messages to Council….”


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