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Chewton Pool a Finalist in Regional Community and Achievement Awards

We are very excited to have made it to the finals! The winner will be announced at a presentation dinner in Melbourne on Friday 16 October. Chewton Pool will be putting its best foot forward!

RACA15 Finalist - Community Group


WORKING BEE bzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzz

WorkingBeeWarm up those muscles – find those sun hats…our first WORKING BEE for the season is about to happen.   SATURDAY 4th OCTOBER10am to 1pm with Morning Tea provided (home baked cakes and all).

Its an all over pre-season clean-up…. mowing, sweeping, emptying pools  and cleaning ready to fill, painting, de-cobwebbing, etc.  Bring your tools, gloves and cleaning gear and lets all get stuck into it together.

Its going to be a fantastic season.  See you there.

For more information call  Dash on  0498 637 534.

Warning: Thurs Dec 5 – expected to be chilly

The weather forecast for this Thursday, December 5, is 15c. QUITE CHILLY, I hear you say!
Yes, we agree, so we expect to close the pool on that day to protect your extremities.
If the Bureau of Meteorology has got it wrong (never I hear you say!) then we will be open as usual between 2.00 and 6.00 pm and for the Nuggets – the men only swimmers – at 10.00 am.
Pool Manager, Sarah

Cameo – Robert Maclaurin

Robert Maclaurin is a prize winning landscape based painter with an international reputation. A Menzies Fellowship in 1995-6 at the late Clifton Pugh’s Dunmoochin Foundation Studio originally brought Maclaurin to Australia. Since moving from Edinburgh, Scotland, he has made his permanent home and studio just outside Castlemaine since 2001.

He has won numerous prizes for his work including The Noble Grossart painting prize – Scotlands version of The Wynne prize and The James Farrell Portrait prize in Castlemaine amongst others. Widely travelled, Maclaurin has won travelling scholarships and residencies including those from The Royal Scottish Academy, The Turkish Government, The British Council, The Scottish Arts Council and The Robert Menzies Fellowship (Australia) amongst others.

Well known for his impressive landscapes and widely collected in Europe, America and Australia, he has at least one major solo show annually. Maclaurin exhibits regularly with high profile gallery representation in London (Osborne Samuel), Edinburgh(Open Eye Gallery),  Melbourne(Australian Galleries) and Sydney (Australian Galleries).

Robert Maclaurin has major works in many public collections including The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Scottish Government Collection, Contemporary Art Society, London, The Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, The Flemings/Wyfold Art Foundation and locally Castlemaine Art Gallery and Museum.He has work in important private collections Worldwide including The Queen, Sir Jeremy Isaacs, Lord Jeffrey Archer and JK Rowling.

More of Robert Maclaurin’s work can be seen on his website: www.robertmaclaurin.com

Chewton Pool Opens with a Splash!!

Despite chilly water you couldn’t keep the people of Chewton out of their pool on Saturday 3rd December. There was fashion escorted by the famous Ugly Men of Chewton, ribbon and cake cutting, speeches, and lots of bombing off the edge. The pool and its grounds looks terrific, as you can see below.

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Cameo #4 – Katharina Rapp

Having grown up in the south of Germany and travelled widely, Katharina Rapp has a vast range of experiences with people and places.  Katharina moved to Australia with her husband and three children in 1982, eventually settling in Castlemaine during the late ’80s.   She then completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts and, with a change of circumstances, began painting in earnest.  Her work became sought after very quickly and led to her setting up her own gallery and studio in Castlemaine.

Katharina knows that it takes greater strength to make light of, rather than to point out, what is wrong with the world.  Her style is unquestionably anchored in German Expressionism, however, she manages to use distortion or exaggeration of the human form, and her innate use of colour, to create a feeling of warmth and happiness.

It is this quality which has made Katharina’s paintings popular. She is a specialist in painting ‘the better moments in a woman’s life’. Her frothy and life-affirming images have been used on wine and champagne labels. They have also been discovered and used by the mental health profession for the healing effect that her images can have, particularly on women with depression.  So you could argue that to own a Rapp painting is like hanging medicine on your wall.

Katharina is donating two signed prints to the art auction.  To see more of her work go to www.studiorapp.com

Cameo #2 – DI PIESSE

Here we present the second artist whose work will be part of our Monster More Than Art Auction…

Di Piesse is a glass-ceramic artist who graduated from both Melbourne and Monash Universities She worked at the Meat Market Craft Centre with glass, exploring its water-like qualities, what she describes as “diving for pearls”.

Ten years ago Di moved to Castlemaine to an old house with a neglected garden.  “As I dug, the shards gave themselves up.  The broken china with its hidden stories of meals long ago.  Pieces to piece together, to ponder on with a cup of tea.” You can see more of Di’s work at Tin Shed Arts in Malmsbury.  Note the large slumped glass lustred clam shell because she is creating another especially for the Art Auction.