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Calendar of Events




Due to overwhelming demand the CHILDREN’S SWIMMING LESSONS will continue for another week- till January 24.  Because of the importance of our local children learning to swim, both Golden Girls and Nuggets will have to be between 9 am and 10 am on their respective days.

We would ask that you leave the pool early to avoid interrupting swimming lessons.

Golden Girls:   Mon,  Wed,  Fri.        Nuggets:  Tues,  Fri.


Vicswim Classes

Vicswim classes start on the Monday 6th of January – 5 days of swimming lessons and water safety skills from 10am to 1.45pm.  There are still places available for the second week of lessons beginning the 13 January.  For more information or to enrol,  please visit http://www.vicswim.com.au

As a result of the Vicswim classes, both the Golden Girls (women only swim sessions) and The Nuggets (men only sessions) will commence earlier from 9am to 10am for these two weeks of January. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Nuggets? Golden Girls? Huh?

The Nuggets and the Golden Girls are, respectively, our men-only and women-only swim sessions.  Ideal for those amongst us who’d like to do a few casual laps without being bombed by an eight-year old.

Ladies can safely take to the pool Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11am to 12pm.  Men have their chance at the lanes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am-12pm.  (Both 9-10am while Vicswim classes are underway.)

There’s no cost if you hold a season pass. But for those of you who don’t, an honour system applies (just leave your payment in the kiosk). The first regular member of the Nuggets or Golden Girls to turn up will open the pool (so, if you’re new and the first to arrive, hang fire until someone opens the gate).

Please be aware that no Lifeguard is on duty for these sessions.

Golden Girls Swimming Sessions every Mon. Wed. Fri.

In years past (many years!) did you admire Esther Williams?

Born in 1921 Esther would now be 90 and lives in Beverly Hills with her fourth husband – her longevity obviously due to her constant swimming habits…(not to mention her ability to breathe under water).

Girls, it’s a bit late to copy Esther’s fab career but its not too late to start utilising swimming as an all-body gentle exercise therapy.

Chewton Pool has commenced women’s swimming sessions called The Golden Girls between 11am and 12 noon every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Starting last Friday 13th January, the first session attracted three hardy swimmers despite the chill weather (approx. 14 degrees).  This is a wonderfully invigorating way to finish off your morning, so do consider joining this all-women group – its good fun and friendly.

A few rules apply:

No non-swimmers please – all must be capable of swimming without assistance.

At least two members must be present – no swimming alone.

No children – only adults please, but no age limit.

Further requirements will be sorted as we progress through the season.

All welcome: $4 entry or $3 Concession : Season Members free.

Who knows, one day we may be performing like this!